One of our recent courses in Berlin was assessed by qualified independent German-language monitors and the Telegraph, as well as by corporate and government employees (and by Berliners who met our zinguists along the way!).

The results exceeded all expectations.


At the end of our outside-tested, journalist monitored 6 week course, all of the participants had made huge improvements to their fluency (as measured by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).


For example, Nasrat's achievements brought him close to B2 spoken German from a low A1, an astonishing result. Mahdia overcame health concerns to reach A2 spoken German from zero.

Their Words

"Zinguist enabled me to reach conversational fluency really quickly. Its methods never failed to hold my attention, and I was excited to take its excellent language-learning tools for my own. With Zinguist’s help I was able to make many new acquaintances – who soon became good friends." —  Nasrat

زینگویست مرا قادر ساخت واقعا زود بتوانم محواره هایی روان داشتم باشم روش است که هیچگاه ناکام نشد تا توجه مرا داشته باشد . و من هیجان داشتم تا این کورس عالی را بگیرم .آموختن روش برای خودم با کمک زینگویست من قادر بودم تا آشنا هایی خیلی زیادی بسازم کسانی که خیلی زود دوست هایی خیلی خوبم شدند

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