We are now offering 15 scholarship places for our intensive challenge. We can get you from zero to conversation in around 6 weeks (or the equivalent leap, whatever your level). 

You will get a qualification (from a press-monitored course) and you will speed-learn German.

Contact us now to come in for interview. If we think this is the right time for your challenge, you will have the full coaching support of our inventor/founder.

If you have refugee status (or are applying for it), you may be able to sign up for free.

Course Structure


Two stages:
WEEK 1 : training 
WEEK 2 onwards : check-ins.



Master the course content from our coaching films and in-person classes (of up to 5 students)

Tailored check-ins 


Receive in-person coaching to refine your skills and update your personal goals and targets.


Course content

The first week is your initial training. You will gain an in-depth understanding of a range of techniques and tasks designed to refine your immersive language learning skills, such as:



  • Place-based memory techniques
  • 7 ways to listen
  • Secret linguist
  • Creating a local teacher
  • Zipped lips 

We have put our usual course cost on hold to offer scholarships for our Zinguist challenge. If you have or are applying for refugee status, you can sign up for free. We will also offer extremely low rates for the most committed newcomers to Berlin.

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